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Choleduz omega 3 Private

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What is Choleduz and what is it for?

Choleduz Omega Supreme is a dietary supplement in soft gel

form that contains fish oil plus vitamin E that are essential in

the body's bad cholesterol. It is a premium and potent source

of fish oil and is molecularly distilled. This product is certified

free of PCB (polychlorinated o) and mercury-toxins

which are present in fish from contaminated water sources.

Composition: each 1000mg of Choleduz contains:

Vitamin E

Omega 3-fatty acids (from sardines and tuna)

50% DHA and 20% EPA

What is DHA? Why is it important for my health?

DHA is one of the most prevalent fatty acids in the brain. In

fact our brain tissues are composed of 15-30% DHA.

According to research, this explains why our brains do better

with a greater supply of DHA. There are countless reliable

studies and research made about Omega 3 fatty acids and its

benefits in reducing risks and rates of birth abnormalities,

brain disorders, poor cognitive performance, stroke,

Alzheimer's disease, and macular degeneration.

Who needs to take DHA/EPA supplement?

DHA is important in different stages of human life, and is

especially important in:

At Pregnancy

good for baby's eyes and brain

helps mother recover lost DHA after giving birth-post partum


helps in the cognitive development of the baby

increases infant's immunity, improved sleep after birth

At Lactation:

increases DHA/EPA in mother's milk- for baby's better visual

acuity from 4 month's old

At Infancy:

better muscular coordination

ability to easily recognize objects

At Childhood:

4 yrs old and above – improvement on dyslexia, ADHD, shy


At Adulthood:

improvement on depression

Fatigue, confusion

When we age:

enhances weight loss- decreases belly fat (the bigger belly,

the more chances of heart attack)

aids in joint functions

decrease risk of stroke by up to 31%

decrease by 45% risk of cardiac arrest

How much of Omega 3 fatty acids do I need everyday?

The American Heart Association recommends that you eat 1

whole tuna or salmon twice the size of your hand everyday.

Alternatively, you can take 900mg of DHA/EPA supplement

per day (equivalent to 2 Choleduz v-caps/day)

There are countless of fish oil and omega 3 supplements in

the market, why should I take Choleduz?

Choleduz' benefits over other fish oil supplements:

Higher percentage of DHA compared to other fish oil


certified PCB and Mercury free

US FDA, HSA and BFAD registered

Manufactured by Nature's Way- the no.1 in premium herbal in

U.S.A (GMP, Kosher, FDA, Frost and Sullivan certified/


What can Choleduz do for me?

Choleduz helps:

reduce clumping of the blood platelets

reduce platelet and vessel wall interaction

improvement on the elasticity of the endrocinal linings, thus

reducing the occurence of blood clumps

reduce inflammatory response on veins and arteries

decrease blood pressure

decrease bad blood cholesterol

increase improvement in cerebral arterial activity (blood flow

in the brain)

decrease blood viscosity

decrease resting heart rate

supports healthy vision

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